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Leap of Faith

Richwell College had its root from a vision in 2010. The vision was about a college institution that would be accessible to all students in Plaridel and nearby towns particularly those comuning from poor families for whom colleg education is an impossibility. College education is the only bridge to the great divide between the chain of poverty and the liberating prosperity in life, hence the Richwell vision.

The foremost question then was how to make the vision a reality: the capital for school building and facilities; the funds and resources to start the college; the competencies in administering a college institution; and the official recognition of TESDA, DEPED, and CHED.

The answer to the question simply pointed to one--it was virtually impossible. However it was when everything seemed impossible that one direction become crystal clear--pursue the vision the nevertheless with a great leap of faith. A leap of faith is to believe that any dream is possible notwithstanding the improbable chance.

The leap of faith for Richwell Colleges opened the door of possibilities. The college ground breaking ceremony was held in February of 2013. The next question that followed was about the funding for the buildings and facilities.

In March 2015, a 28-room 4-storey building was inaugurated. It was funded by a loan from Landbank of the Philippines. The classrooms were ready for the June 2015 start of classes. The next question that followed was about enrollees and the resources for their tuition and expenses.

In the same year, TESDA granted vouchers for 200-technical-vocational students. They were 458 Senior High School enrollees. And in the same year, CHED approved the four year College Degree Programs for Richwell Colleges.

There were 52 college enrollees in the first batch. Most of the enrolless came from poor families. They were all enrolled in the study-now-pay-later program. Richwell Colleges even provided lunch food vouchers for those in need.

In 2017, RA 10931 Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES) was implemented. College students enrolling at state colleges and universities, the private colleges complying with the standards would be the government partners for the TES program. Richwell Colleges was recognized by the government to be its partner for the Municipality of Plaridel.

Fast forward to SY 2020-21; there are 1980 BS Degree college students enrolled at Richwell Colleges, mostly TES grantees. And because the tuition and miscellaneous expenses are low, the students still receive a balance to pay for their uniforms, books, other expenses, and savings. The student population of Richwell Colleges, including TESDA and Senior High School reached a total of 3,504.

For the SY 2020-21, the first batch of college graduates, comprises of 21 students, are getting their diplomas. They are the first beneficiaries of the government TES program. They all came from poor families; two were even ALS graduates. Almost all of the graduates are now employed.

Our next leap of faith is the greater vision of Richwell Colleges to become a University and to open a University Medical Center to serve the community and become the training center for the College of Nursing.

All these blessings lead us to one' question to ponder-what inspired us to make the leap of faith for Richwell Colleges' vision? The answer is found in a quote from an author:" Trust an unknown future to a known God."

-The Chairman