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Richwell Colleges Incorporated is an institution transforming lives towards success and prosperity through the world-class education focused on competence and excellence; anchored on values of integrity, perseverance, responsible stewardship and faithful reverence in God; thus enabling them to make a difference to their families, and to the other people.

Richwell Colleges Incorporated will be a University


I. Make competencies and excellence as the standard for everything the institution has to offer, and the norm for which the graduates will become.

II. Mold the students with the character and ability to seek the answers to many questions and unknowns that they will encounter in their journey to success.

III. Develop the students the traits and dicipline of leadership and so they could reach out to become strategic and respected leaders way beyond just being simply educated.

IV. Motivate the students in entrepreneuship vision to harness the nation's rich resources, generate job opportunities, and make a difference for a prosperous country.

V. Nurture and strengthen the spiritual dimension and faithful reverence in God in the life of every student.

VI. Make the life of every student anchored on moral and spiritual values.

Core Values

Excellence, integrity, industry, perseverance, love of parents, kindness for others, ingrained patriotism, care for the environment.